american-stockman-trace-mineralizedOur most popular mineralized agriculture salt, Trace Mineralized Salt contains the six core micro minerals required for basic animal health. The proper combination of zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, iodine and iron optimizes your herd's weight gain, feeding efficiencies and overall performance.

  • Our most popular mineralized ag product
  • Formulated with the six key core micronutrients
  • Formulated for all classes of beef and dairy cattle, pigs and horses.

Salt (NaCI) Min 95.50%
Salt (NaCI) Max 98.50%
Zinc (Zn) Min 3,500 ppm
Iron (Fe) Nim 2,000 ppm
Manganese (Mn) Min 1,800 ppm
Copper (Cu) Min 280 ppm
Copper (Cu) Max 420 ppm
Iodine (I) Min 100 ppm
Cobalt (Co) Min 60 ppm

Available in 50-pound bags and 50-pound blocks